Versus and Direct TV still at odds, bad news for hockey fans, MMA fans, and Armando

Armando currently has DirectTV in his domicile and as the UFC on Versus card comes together for March 21, he is getting more and more anxious. Why? Well, he’s been like that since September when DirectTV yanked the channel over a fee dispute. No WEC for him… So anyway, when he found this article over at CageWriter, he had lost some hope to say the least, since the email was titled “UGH!”
I’m seriously gonna have to go to B-Dubs to watch an event on Vs.?  Criminy!!

I was also kinda surprised this was still going on, but moreso that some other players hadn’t stepped in:
I am seriously surprised that both Dana and Gary Bettman haven’t stepped in and tried to force these discussions along. Especially Bettman. As far as I know, this is the main playoff outlet up until the Stanley Cup Finals. I think they’ve got all the non-Sunday Conference Finals games too. I know NBC has the Finals, at least they did last year. But Hendricks is exactly right, free fights are tantamount to expanding the fan base and getting more PPV buys later on down the line. (For the record, we are damn sure gonna start buying the fights when I get down there and hosting watch parties. I’ll start figuring 1-2 a month into my budget.) Now from what I understand, Versus has a more West coast-centered audience with the other sports it programs, but still…

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