Nightmare Going Back Up To 170

Armando gets us started this afternoon:

Besides losing to Kos and a debatable loss to Fitch, he was solid as ever at WW.  Think he could pose a real threat to the division?  Story here: 
My take on it:
I think it’s a good move for him. He’s proved he can hang with, and dominate the upper echelon at LW (all except the top dog) and if 170 is a more natural weight for him I say its a good move. Granted, there is a plethora of talent at WW and he’s going to have to work harder to get back to the place where he’s considered for a title shot, but I think Sanchez/Koscheck/Fitch/Swick etc. are all at that level where any of them could compete with GSP. And it gets even more interesting if he sticks around the division and Rush decides to train for London…
As he’s proposed in the article, Nate Diaz would be a great fight for him to open at WW with. Both guys are looking to make a name for themselves after rather disappointing exits from LW and that could me a semi-main on 90% of cards. Although if Diaz doesn’t do something about his striking he’s going to get mauled.
And Armando put a capper on the conversation:
Yeah, the whole “wait for the lesser-skilled opponent to take me down” approach is a thing of the past, now that even wrestlers are developing solid stand-up and even sub defense.  I like this fight a lot, but like you said, with someone who’s such a versatile striker in Sanchez, Diaz will have his hands full.  And let’s not forget that Sanchez does great work on his back (giggity)… those short elbows make a difference.

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