The Rumor Mill is Going Full Blast

I got us started today
Here’s a few things I’ve heard while not really working…

-Brock’s not getting better. In fact, he’ may be getting worse and that may keep him out all year.
– Frankie Edgar gets the next shot at BJ in April, no matter what Grey Meynard does at Fight Night
– Paul Daley vs. Josh Koscheck in May for a #1 WW contendership slot.


Armando wrote me a book back:

Despite how much of a DB he was at 100, Brock doesn’t deserve what’s happening.  I know he just wants to get back to fighting, which I respect, and other fighters could learn a bit from his desire to compete (I’m looking at YOU, A.Silva).  But at some point Dana has to cut the cord.  I feel that Brock should get a title fight whenever he’s healed and ready to compete, if ever, but he needs to drop the belt for now.  No one cares about an “interim” champ, and Dana needs to step up and take the belt off of him for right now.  Who do you put it on?  Naturally the winner of Carwin/Mir vs. the winner of Velasquez/Nog.  Or, even better, give ONE of those matches the title, and the winner of the OTHER becomes the #1 contender.  Same difference, but you get 2 title fights instead of 1 that way.  I say Velasquez/Nog is more deserving, and could really help to sway the Aussie crowd to wanting more events there.
Frankie is good – he’s real good – but so is Gray.  Gray has had noticeable improvement in his striking, and is one of the best in the LW division, plus his wrestling is world-class.  Can either beat BJ?  Nope.  Probably the only men in the world that could beat BJ at LW are Aoki and GSP (if he drops in weight class).  I thought Sanchez was the one to do it, but even he fell short.  As far as Frankie goes, I don’t think he’s head-and-shoulders above Gray, or necessarily even better, so I don’t like that call regardless of UFN result.  If Gray loses or wins a lackluster UD/SD, then that makes the choice easier.  If he dominates and finishes on the ground early, then it’s a bit trickier.  But most importantly: Edgar’s last loss was to Maynard, and Maynard’s last loss was to… oh wait, no one.  That HAS to factor into the overall picture between the two.
And when will fighters learn to be… oh I don’t know… sportsmanlike?  Daley comes in over weight and celebrates his victory like he did?  Lame… at least he apologized immediately though, so I do respect that much.  With that said, there’s really no other WW besides Kos and Hardy right now.  I see Daley a lot like the Grim, a sound fighter with outstanding punching power, so he would have the proverbial chance against GSP (yes, I’m saying that Dan Hardy will lose lol)– but I honestly don’t think he will even get past Kos.  Besides, GSP’s thinking about dropping the belt to make an Olympic run, which is the only way that anyone else would ever have it.
And here we go with the obligitory bad joke:
LOL, just had a picture in my head of every WW on the roster pleading with GSP “C’mon…pleeeeeeeese? Please give someone else a chance….”
And Armando kills it:
Lol, Dan Hardy and Josh Koscheck paying off GSP to go the Olympics… I can see it!
“Do it for Canada, Georges…”

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