YES!!! Dana’s not punishing Jones!

Wow, it’s been too long since we had some conversations via the Bang. End of the semester and such. No one warned me that I’d actually have to do stuff like writing and studying in grad school…
Anywho, this morning Armando started things off with a headline about Jon “Bones” Jones’ next move: – GREAT choice… the young, creative upstart vs. the grizzled, experienced veteran. Moreover, Dana’s not giving Jones some 2-bit preliminary-card competition because of what happened with Hamill. Kudos to him, and let’s hope that neither get injured before March, because this one will be outstanding.

And I responded with some upcoming fight news of my own:
A great choice, and another hope for a solid card in early 2010…

More than anything I’m glad that Dana’s not hurting Jones because of those n-s elbows. But it’s pretty obvious that Jones is a very talented fighter with a ton of potential and a marketable personality. So, that’s a great fight. Too bad the way things line up we’ve got so much to look forward to in Q1 2010 and next to nothing until then.
Although, I always enjoy watching Rashad Evans fight…

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