Armondo’s P4P Top 10, 1-5

1) Фëдор. Duh. The clear candidate for #1ness in everyone’s eyes. Some people that Anderson should be up here, but it’s all about quantity to me: when you can have someone who has only lost once in 31 fights, due to a cut, opened by an illegal elbow… yeah, you’re that good. The cupcake argument doesn’t even apply, as Arlovski, Matt Lindland, Cro Cop and Big Nog were 4 of his last 10 wins.

2) Anderson. If he ever gets to the 25-30 fight mark, he might overtake Fedor, but until then, he’s running second. That being said, I think he has much more raw talent and innate skill than Fedor does, but Fedor doesn’t need all that to win. Just like MJ wasn’t a freak of athleticism, but he found a way to get the job done. Poor Craig Ehlo… I still remember that shit.

3) GSP. GSP’s style is very boring to me – more so than Machida’s – but he doesn’t have to be flashy. He gets in, he uses his world-class wrestling to take over, and he dominates on the ground. He can strike if he needs to too, and he has some great kicks. Of course, GSP, like Silva, suffers from a lack of solid competition in the weight class, but there’s at least some promising talent rising up through the ranks. *cough fat ass Anthony Johnson cough*

4) Gegard Mousasi. Who? Who indeed. 26-2, with his latest wins including Babalu, Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang and Mr. Cyborg. KO’d tough fighter Ronaldo Souza with an upkick. Currently the Dream MW and the Strikeforce LHW champ. AND HE’S TWENTY-FUCKING-FOUR. Yes, my friends, Mousasi is no flash in the pan. After he wipes his ass with Sokoudjou, I would love to see him and Mo Lawal scrap.

5) Machida. I know, you think he lost at 104. I agree. I think he had no idea what Shogun would do, and just was not prepared for it. Shogun’s “new style” is probably the only style on this green Earth that Machida was not prepared for. And now that Machida has been able to see it for 25 minutes, there’s NO WAY that shit will work again. He got ridiculously lucky, but in January, he will prove that it was just a fluke, and he will decimate Shogun. And everyone else. Except for the 4 dudes above him. I don’t think he could be Fedor or Anderson (forget about weight classes here), but I think GSP and Gegard would be tough, good opponents for Lyoto. Hell, the Gegard fight could happen one day, but I’m not holding my breath.

2nd half to come when the fuck I feel like it. I up outta dis bitch.

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