Also yesterday, more being dissagreable!

In the mix of yesterday’s news frenzy, MMA Fanhouse put out their newest pound-for-pound rankings and Armando had to share:

Anyone jump out at you on this list? Top 10 P4P

Me: Besides the 3 WEC guys on the list?

Armando: Bingo. I think you could make a case for Torres, but Brown? I still think Faber is better, but both would be top-20, maybe top-30 IMO. But the worst is Brian Bowles… Brian F’N Bowles is one of the 10 best fighters on the planet? THIS planet?? Sorry FanHouse… not buying it.

I’m not sure I’m against Torres, Brown and Bowles on the list. I mean, it’s about time that WEC fighters got some respect. I think I agree with him on Bowles, just not as violently. Yes, he is the WEC bantamweight champion and took out a hell of a fighter in Miguel Torres. However, I don’t think that alone warrants a slot on the P4P rankings. I wasn’t too impressed with the other Bowles fights I saw and while he executed a perfect game plan against Torres, I think a rematch would go the other way. Armando wanted Faber on the list instead and I’m against that as well just because of the length of time he’s been inactive. Anyway, let the arguments begin.

One thought on “Also yesterday, more being dissagreable!

  1. Now let's clear the air! I never said that I wanted Faber on a P4P top-10 list… I said that I would rank him higher than MTB, but neither of them would crack the top 20. I'll post my P4P top 10 shortly…

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