Breaking News: 2009 gets worse for Dana White

Yeah, I know I’m a day or two behind in getting all this up since it broke on Monday. And I haven’t done anything with UFC 104, mostly because I’ve only seen 3 fights so far so a full write-up to come. I promise. So on to the e-mail string…

I sent Armondo this link as soon as I saw it come up on my Twitter…

He responded with:
OMG, I hope the UFC isn’t en-route to getting Sliced… WTF is next? They have a sham of a LHW champ (not a dig against Machida, but a dig against the judges – and Machida realizes that I’m sure), they have a pointless TUF show that will culminate in Evans/T.Silva (yay?), and now one of the most touted matches of the year is shelved? What do they do? There’s no one who can headline that card… Forrest and Tito is the closest, but still not a ME fight. Velasquez in a HW eliminator would be a decent substitution, but Cain would need like 2 months more. Couture is taken, Gabriel Gonzaga is a joke now, and Nog is… free! Carwin/Big Nog is the only alternative that makes sense, which sucks for Carwin because he would be eaten alive. I’m calling it now.
(For the definition of getting “Sliced”, see the death of EliteXC)

So I started making predictions in my response:
You’re exactly right. And it’s unfortunate. I don’t know if he’s gonna get eaten alive though…
However, I think that the best course for them would be to keep Carwin on the shelf until Jan. 2. Maybe we swap Evans/T.Silva and let Lesnar/Carwin head the first card of 2010. Yeah, that’ll make them emphasize Ortiz at 107, but of all the alternatives, this might work out the best because we don’t completely lose Lesnar/Carwin.

Armando continued that:
Hrm… that’s a good point too. I know that the UFC doesn’t like to full-out scrap matches, but I don’t think Carwin is a big enough name to just stick someone else with him and make a high-caliber match, so I agree 100%. What about A.Silva/Vitor? (When) are they scheduled?

When I told him, they were tentatively scheduled to headline 108 on January 2, 2010, he proposed making some swaps in 106 and 107:
Gotcha. Hrm… what about flip-flopping 106 with 107 a bit? Bring Penn/Sanchez to 106 with Mir/Kongo in tow too, and pop Carwin/Lesnar in 107 (assuming Lesnar needs only another month to shake off his runny nose). That would be a good compromise – Tito/Forrest would work well w/Penn/Sanchez and Mir/Kongo, whereas hardnosed fights like Alves/Fitch and Buentello (a former world champ!!!) and Todd Duffee are better suited with the Carwin/Lesnar bloodbath.

While we we’re having this e-mail discussion, Shane Carwin updated his Twitter…
Well, aren’t we ahead of the game again…

@ShaneCarwin I just heard from Jason. Looks like it is posponed till Jan 2. I had h1ni myself and I understand how devastaing it can be.

No word on what or how cards will be switched, but that would be another win in the predictor column for us

Word came down that Tito/Forrest would now be the ME of 106. I’ll spare you the extremely nerdy email that followed. More for your sake than Armando’s because I have no problem embarrassing him here. However, I will give him the final word here..

In all honesty, I think Lesnar/Carwin, Silva/Evans and Machida/Shogun is WAAAAAAAAY overkill, although it really would do a crapton of buys. But really, Lesnar/Carwin, Machida/Shogun AND A.Silva/Vitor are all PPV-ME-caliber matches. If anything, stick A.Silva/Vitor on 106, if A. would stop whining about his tennis elbow. And Brock’s got the sniffles? WTF? Is this the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the Ultimate [INSERT_YOUR_CHOICE_OF_EMASCULATING_TERM_STARTING_WITH_’F’_HERE] Championship? Alas, I digress.

Throw Silva/Evans on any of those cards, but if you’re gonna have Lesnar + Machida + Evans on the same card, then the other 2 main card fights better be awesome too. Sam Stout vs. Joe Lauzon doesn’t cut it. Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo does. There’s your benchmark, Joe. Get to it. Unless you got a papercut and can’t come to work, which would be status quo for the rest of the organization.

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