Bernard Hopkins disses MMA

Armando: apparently it’s hip now for washed-up boxers to diss MMA in the most absurd ways possible: Sadly, I’m sure that several other old-guard types dislike MMA for the same reasons.

My tirade:
Sad now that one of the best fighters of all time at 4 different weight classes has got nothing left but to take potshots at the sport that’s eclipsed him and his sport. His list of accomplishments is incredible. This is a guy who KO’d Oscar De La Hoya to unify, for the first time, the titles of all 4 major sanctioning bodies at any weight class. He did it at middleweight. Why do I spend 4 lines praising his accomplishments? To show the level of boxer that is threatened by MMA. Hopkins is boxing’s Randy Couture. At 44, he’s made no indication of retiring, although he hasn’t fought since last October. But guess what? Fewer and fewer people are going to drop 50 bucks for the PPV that he’ll headline (which btw will probably only feature 3 fights) when a PPV headlined by Rich Franklin will most likely outsell it.

Now to the stupidity of his comments. This man is a homophobe. There’s no other way to explain it. Coming from someone whose done time and there are some strong rumors to his behavior in the joint, but besides the point. Combine the perceived career threat with some closeted fears and boom, you get the crap that spewed out of Hopkins. Good comment I found: “It’s very rare but a few positions (all kinds of north south variations or guard positions) do look a little funny to people who know nothing about the sport . I watched it with a couple of girls and all they had to say was “ohhh , they’re hugging” . Whatever , yeah I get it that it can look gay but mostly women or homophobic men (or probably gay men) get fixated about that .” He’s right there. Besides, boxing anymore consists of a little punching and a lot of hugging You know, in the clench, (that was for you…you bastard. I haven’t forgot about that).Long story short. History will not forget Bernard Hopkins. Brian Kenny and Bert Sugar will have plenty to say about him on ESPN Classic for years to come. But for now, your time is over son. Hell, Roy Jones Jr. talks as much as Hopkins, but he’s willing to step into the cage. And not just with anyone. With the friggin’ Spider. Case closed: B-Hop, sit down and retire because if you look, there’s a fork sticking out of you…

Armando’s less verbose response:
Agreed 100%. In thinking about it some more, it seems more and more like a schoolyard verbal attack against something not thoroughly understood or something threatening, which MMA falls into both categories for a lot of people. I mean, he could have done better – the whole “MMA fan = alternative lifestyle” angle has been done to death. What about BJ Penn being a big crybaby and having his mom come talk for him? What about Thales Leites getting a title fight, ever, in any promotion, for any reason? There are a million other things to insult… let’s mix it up people!

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