More MMA bashing… well, suing in this case

Armando’s first email of the day:
2 kids fighting at school? Wouldn’t happen if not for mixed martial arts. It’s destroying our country, and this is a perfect example why.

2 things come to mind though:

1) The shirtless kid has a TERRIBLE guard. He should really work on that.

2) Maybe it’s just me, but both kids looked like pretty willing participants. How can you do something that common sense tells you might get you injured, and then sue when you get injured just because someone was watching you being an idiot? I would say that the asst. coach needs to be fired for sure, but there’s no lawsuit here.

My angry response:
I saw that earlier and one of the comments made a lot of sense. I’m not liking how any time 2 kids fight like this, its now an MMA fight. Just like when there was any violence like this a few years ago it was two kids trying to be professional wrestlers.
I agree with you that the coach should be fired for letting something that unsafe happen under his watch. But this shirking responsibility BS is above and beyond pissing me off. The kid was a willing participant and if they knew enough to put on the 4 oz gloves, they knew the risks of getting torn up in a fight. So instead of blaming the school, why don’t you look at the little idiot in your own house who though it was a fine idea to get involved in the fight? I know, far too logical for someone to accept responsibility for his own actions when the clear fault lies on the school. Why the hell should they? If they only wouldn’t have had free time after wrestling practice, or wouldn’t have had a wrestling team at all, they would have never gotten his teeth broken. The telling line there from the lawyer is that the school refused to accept responsibility. Hell, why stop there. Why not slap Dana’s name on the suit, because god only knows that his skills as a promoter enchanted those kids into thinking that they could fight and not get hurt, so he’s just as culpable. I quite hope that a judge tosses this one out, like a logical person would. Especially since the damn fight happened a year ago.

Armando again:
Let’s just hope the police don’t search the kids’ houses and find Marilyn Manson CDs… it’s the only logical direction to go though.

Also, I will say that I have no problem with kids fighting in “sanctioned”, somewhat scaled-back MMA matches, with the proper training for kids/coaches/trainers and a trained official. Along the same lines as HS wrestling, there would be “teams” and everything. I think that would really be awesome.

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