Ben Rothwell’s Right

Armando: Finally someone says it and oddly enough, it’s a man who has 0 UFC fights, but I think his record (at a week removed from 28!!) would dictate that he knows what he’s talking about:

Me: And it’s really hard to disagree with him. Look at the track record. Couture since he went back up… got dominated by Brock and decisioned by a bigger Nog. Now, he’s back to 205. Run down the top of the division:
Brock and Carwin: 265-275
Rothwell, Cain, dos Santos: 265
I still think that there should be a cruiserweight division. Ben’s right that the heavyweight division is not deep enough to split in half, but if you supplant 205-235 with LHWs who would do well to move up (Keith Jardine, Rampage if he fights again, Houston Alexander, Luis Cane, Couture, Dan Henderson, Krzysztof Soszynski, probably Vera) along with some of the smaller heavyweights, while the bigger heavyweights take over the division, like they already have. Damn, Couture, Hendo, Vera, and Jardine in a 4-man eliminator tourney for the first cruiserweight crown… damn, that would be fun to watch.

Armando: Did you seriously put Houston Alexander in with the rest of those names? Lol, I guess it’s as fair as putting Soszynski there. (BTW – I edited out something that may be construed as offensive… I’ll have to get your take on it later.) I must say that Houston has improved exponentially since his “I’ll hit you hard and if that doesn’t work I’m Audi” days though, and I would rank him higher than Soszynski overall, so fair play to you sir.

All ribbing to the side, I agree with you 100% on bringing some of the LHW’s up to 235 – that division is so deep that if you take 1/3 of it away, it’s still the deepest division in any promotion in all of MMA. I think Rampage needs to stay at 205 IMO, along with the Dragon, Shogun, Thiago Silva, Evans, Griffin if he can come back and beat Tito, and in a dream world, Gegard Mousasi. L’il Nog would make a great addition as well. Hendo may not be able to get to 235, so he may be stuck in LHWland as well, but I would certainly like to see him taking on the likes of Vera, Jardine, Cane and of course Couture if possible.

Here’s a follow-up for you: arguably the two best “smaller HWs” in the world are Frank Mir and Big Nog. Where do they go? Do they just get to dominate 235? Do they cut to 205 and make that division a LOT more interesting? Or are they forced up to 265 (where they would probably get killed)?

Me: Damn, I forgot about Mir…
Yeah, I think he and Big Nog sit atop that cruiserweight division until one of those younger guys come up and knock them off… or until Silva would book Couture/Nog II, this time for a belt. Either way, it could only be a boost to all three divisions.
In defense of my Alexander pick, he always looked like he’d be more comfortable fighting 10-20 pounds heaver. Same thing with Jardine. Except Jardine actually has a ground game.
BTW, if you were going to make a Polish joke, you should well know by now that nothing like that is offensive, to me at least. Someone who may be proud of their Polish heritage for some reason, may be put off, but eh…lol

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