More MMA hatespew

E-mail chain between Armando, his wife and I about an article coming from a place he didn’t expect it… Australia.

Armando: They always seemed like pretty open-minded and reasonable folk. Granted, this is news journalism talking and not necessarily indicative of the country at-large, but still surprising:

I don’t think it’s mentioned in the article, but it’s in response to UFC 111, which will be taking place in Sydney in early ’10.

Armando’s wife: I don’t know why you would be surprised at all. Like you said, it’s not indicative of the country’s overall point of view, and there will always be people who oppose things, no matter how open-minded the general public is about it.

In regards to the article… ugh. I don’t buy that the introduction of UFC will “fuel more violence on the city’s streets” any more than I buy that violent video games are responsible for kids shooting up their schools. And even if it *is* the “human equivalent of cockfighting” and even if it *is* more dangerous and causes more injury than any other sport… so what? No one is picking these guys up and throwing them in the cage against their will.

Armando: I guess I just see places like Australia, Britain, Scandinavia, New Zealand, etc. being more fact-based and less sensationalizing than we are in the States. I guess no one’s immune though…

Me: That is what kinda (but shouldn’t have) surprised me more. The author went into this article with a clear anti-MMA bias, devoted the article to the negative aspects of the sport, and gave very little room for anyone from the UFC. Hell, would it have occurred to this guy to oh I don’t know, interview an actual fighter for a POV that is other than his own.
Long story short, this article is just bad journalism. But because it’s about a subject that a segment of the population dislikes, it passes.
And by the way… the Aussies cannot pass off this non-violent sports bullshit. I’ve seen rugby and Aussie rules football…

Armando: And Foster’s! That stuff has probably caused more violence than Antietam.

Quick side note: I love reading message boards with self-righteous d-bags who “know” that they’re right and everyone else is wrong, ones who are presented with logical (and more correct) alternatives, but those are stupid because the d-bag is right about everything, and everything else is just “utter absurdities”… and then they go and misspell “simple” in one of their posts. It really does make a lot right with the world. No one on the thread called him out on it, but I might sign up just to do that lol…

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