Tap or No Tap?

At last week’s DREAM 11, Joe Warren submitted to Bibiano Fernandez due to an armbar. Or did he? Armando sent me the closing seconds of the fight:

I responded: I looked at that a few times. At first, I thought a tap, but with the reverse shot, no tap. There was not enough to me that said that was a deliberate submission. Granted, with the way that arm bar was cinched in, the tap was pretty much inevitable. But early stoppage, hell yes.

When he got back to me, he pointed out:
I did see a very subtle hand movement from the 1st angle, which leads me to believe that maybe he was just moving his hand to position and not to tap… but as a ref, where do you draw the line? If you move your hand in that motion, whether you meant to tap or not, I think the ref’s gotta call it. Like you said, it was DEEP in there, so it was a foregone conclusion anyway.

I pointed out that he had said deep, we both giggled like idiots, and went on with our day. I laughed out loud and the other people in the news bullpen looked at me funny…

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