Streak Speak – July 22

Well, it’s been awhile since I did this but I’ve been on quite a run recently and there was very little to speak of in June. July has been far more kind to me, especially within the last week and a half. I’ve build W7 streaks twice, including the current streak. Yesterday was my best day of the competition, as I went 4-0. The big win for me was my WNBA pick. The Indiana Fever downed the Washington Mystics 82-70, giving me my first WNBA win and snapping a 4-pick losing streak. After that, I ended up staying up til about 1am to catch the end of the 2nd U.S. Open Cup semifinal between Seattle FC and Houston. It looked bad through the first 60 minutes, but Seattle scored an equalizer late in the 2nd half and then got the go-ahead goal earth in the 1st overtime to seal their trip to the finals against D.C. United and my perfect day.

Just minutes ago, I tied my longest at 8 with another Tour de France pick. Lance Armstrong hit the line 5th, taking that prop and making my cycling record 6-0. I may stay away from tomorrow’ TDF pick, mostly because it’s a 40km individual time trial and a lot of things can change there. Looking at the rest of today, its a toss up for the next pick between a Swiss Super League match at 1:45 and the Brewers/Pirates at 12:35. No matter what I think I’m going to take the Mets over the Nationals in the nightcap, hopefully making a big for the blue star.

So after the first round of the day, here’s how the group looks:
I’m on top of the current streak at W8, Tim’s right behind at W6 with a pick selected, JRo’s at W1 next, then Armando who had his streak of 7 ended last night at L1, and Nikki also at L1 having lost the Armstrong prop this morning.

Tim still leads the month at 36 wins, I’m in 2nd at 34, and Nikki is back in 3rd at 19.

Looking long term, Tim still holds the longest streak in the group at last week’s W10. Although I have the substantial lead in overall wins with 146. Armando is the next closest at 89. But the race that matters now is the monthly wins and with just over a week left it will be interesting. More tomorrow.

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