What was Manny thinking???

(from the productivity killing email exchanges of Armando and Casey)

Casey: He being Manny and of all things on the best team in baseball right now. Also, I don’t they’ll drop off that much. They’ll mis his power (6HR .36and change AVG) but they’ve got plenty of bats and more important, strong arms in the pen.

Armondo: If I may…

…that’s just Manny being Manny.

Had to do it, sorry.

Casey: LOL
well, not quite… if it were Manny being Manny, there would have been a lot more loud whining in the process…

Armando: Seems like there was lol… apparently his “doctor” gave him a “medication” for a “personal health issue” that just happened to be a banned substance.

Casey: Wasn’t that Rafi’s excuse? Or Bonds’ line of BS? “Oh, its this herbal cream I’m using. I had no idea that there were sterioids in it even though I’m like twice as big as I was now at 40 than at 20 and my head is bigger and my balls are Raisonettes…”

Armando: Lmao, true that. I don’t know if he’s just trying to save face or what, but even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, even if it was his physician’s fault 100%, it still makes him sound like a cop-out juice junkie, as opposed to just a regular juice junkie. I would keep my trap shut about it either way if I were him.

Casey: Yes, and Boras should probably should keep his trap shut too…

Armando: Scott Boras could care less – he’ll get his cut regardless. Not to mention the other… oh I don’t know… EVERY BIG PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE that he represents lol. That dude has to be sick rich.

Casey: Oh he and Rosenhaus are rolling in it. The racket they’ve got going is pretty sick. Take some PR experiance and contract law and you too can make millions from athletes. Let’s say Boras is taking 10% from Manny. This year alone, and from Manny alone, he’ll make $2.45 million to be the guys mouthpiece and money bulldog. And possibly last night and tonight, play parent and scold Manny for being dumb. Ok, he probably has a lot of crap to put up with, but $2.45 million worth of crap? Now that I think about it… I want to change my career path…

Armando: But look at it this way: would Manny have commanded ~$30M without Boras? I’m sure he advertises it as a win-win, but that’s a heck of a win for him.

Casey: Very true, but then the argument begins is he worth paying $30 million a year, especally in this economy. I don’t think so even in the boom of the early 90’s. Salaries are out of control in MLB, partially because of the lack of a salary cap.

Armando: C’mon, it’s not like 1 player could get a $120M contract to play for 7 yrs. or anything like that. You make it seem worse than it is.

Do you know how many people Steinbrenner would strangle or stab if the MLB implemented a salary cap? At least 14. AT LEAST.

Casey: You say that as if he hasn’t already hit that figure already just from those that proposed it. Then again, if buying a championship really worked, how come its been eight seasons since a title? He’s spent more money this decade than any other owner (A-Rod, Giambi, Matsui, Texeria, C.C, Damon, and a host of other “minor” deals) and has gotten nothing from it. The Rays went to the World Series with the 2nd smallest payroll. The AL champs only spent $43 million to the Yankees $209 million. The Phillies are in the top 15, spending $98 million in a championship year and if you take out Utley, Howard, and Hamels then you’ve got a much much smaller payroll… so it’s pretty obvious that titles can no longer really be bought…
And yes, I say that as a fan of a team that spent $133 million last year (4th behind NYY, DET, NYM)

Armando: But even without the full win, those teams (DET for maybe the past 3-4 yrs.) are always perennial favorites to at least make deep runs. Heh… deep runs. But if they get the playoffs and get hot bats and laser-guided pitching and the momentum is there, then they can definitely take it all home, whereas a team like TB was a fluke to be that good for most of the year, and would have to have a miraculous run to even get close. You can’t necessarily purchase a champeenship anymore, but you CAN purchase a near-guaranteed shot at it.

Casey: Very true, and with almost every other sports franchise, being close is probably good enough. However, this is the winningest professional sports franchise in the US and possibly the world (with like ManU as the only challeger that comes to mind). And this is a team that spent $200 mill to sit in third place in the division. Not that I don’t agree with you, but knowing Hank and George, thay are not spending to be the wild card every year. They are spending for rings. I don’t know what Detroit’s spending for, although I think they are leading the Central. A very weak Central, but a lead is a lead. As for teams like TB, the Rays are still solid this year and I’m sure the payroll has and will go up because that’s the price of success, but the Marlins have won 2 titles with a bare minimum payroll, the Cardinals came out of nowhere last year to make the Super Bowl with a payroll that paled in comparison to the Steelers, and, shit, look at every hockey team that’s not the Wings or the Rangers…

Armando: I thought the Caps and Pens had pretty high salaries too… if not, then kudos to them both for having great talent on a budget. But I digress.

You see the same thing in college sports, but manifested in a slightly different way. The best schools are the ones with the largest athletic budgets – there’s no secret there. UF, USC, OU, OSU, UM, UT (both the Vols and the Horns), the list goes on… those programs have money thrown at them to be good, and the students definitely get perks from that too – maybe not out-and-out perks (in some cases they are pretty overt though), but it’s definitely implied that they have an advantage to “regular” students on campus.

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