Casey’s Streak notes – April 27, 2009

Yesterday was a rare day of perfection. I went 3-3, starting off with a cricket interational between Pakistan and Australia. I don’t how the Aussies won, nor do I understand at all how the game is played. All I know is I got the win. In English Premier League action, Portsmouth and Newcastle United fought to a nil-nil draw, and taking the win or draw on Portsmouth I took my second win of the day. And finally, Denver’s demolition of the Hornets by a record-setting 55 points gave me perfection for the day. I was rather excited about the Nuggets, since that was my 4th straight and set a new longest streak for this round. Granted, it only pulled me 2 picks over .500 so mediocrity still reigns supreme, but hopfully not for long. An early tennis pick could have given me an elusive red star, but of course heavy rain cancelled that one. I’m resting my red star hopes on Barcelona knocking off Chelsea in their first leg of their Champions League semi-final.

Looking at the group, Armondo and I remained at the top each with streaks of 4 going, although thanks to some massive success during the NFL draft over the weekend, he is blowing everyone away in wins for the month with 41. I’m next with 28. Tim and Nikki both are on 1-game skids, although Tim’s been inactive for awhile. He gets back to Ohio this weekend so I’ll try to prod him to play more. He started out on quite a roll, then… nothing. Anywho, hopefully we’ll hear from Armondo before the day’s out. Until then, happy streaking…

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