I post for Officer Guy as he is presently stationed in Qatar and can’t post from the wasteland…

That being said, I hope they lose. The Giants came as close to beating them as anyone else has this year (remember the great match up in Wk17 that prevented Brady and Moss from getting to take a seat?), and stand a good chance of beating them this time around. Brady had a less-than-stellar performance against the Chargers and Moss only had one catch and one run for a total of about 30 yds. The Giants defense is not going to be timid and their offense should be able to brutalize the front line and run down the clock with Brandon Jacobs.

If Eli can play like he has so far in the playoffs, the Pats will be in poor shape to stop the NYG.

Then we get into the discussion about where this NE team ranks among the all-time greats. If they win, they are no doubt, bar none, hands down the best team ever. Their numbers and record don’t lie, and they flat out embarrassed all but a few teams on their way to 18-0. However, if they lose it would hard to rank them anywhere in the top 42. They would be the best “also ran” in history, but the Lombardi Trophy is required for greatness. Great teams do not finish second.

It is my sincerest wish that NE loses next weekend and that we can push them out of our memories as a team that should-a and could-a but didn’t. I love Junior Seau and do want him to get a ring, but I can’t root for any team that cheated early in the season (signal stealing) to go down as the best of all time. Oh yeah, and Tom Brady played at Michigan.

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