Death of the Classic

Well after forgetting about this for nearly two months, it’s time to come back to writing. A few minutes ago, OTL First Report did a quick story about the Chicago Cubs, who are in the process of being sold/looking to be sold/looking to be offloaded by the Tribune Corp. because the paper ain’t what it used to be. Thing is that they are activly seeking naming rights for Wrigley Field. That’s right, the one steadfast landmark in the age of the new spaceage stadia is going corportate. Now, I’m not stupid. I know that money makes the game go and the Cubs seem to be a little cash-strapped as of late. But to sell off Wrigley Field? They’re cross-town rivals did the same thing a few years back when New Comiskey Park became U.S. Cellular Field. Comiskey, by the way, was the original owner of the White Sox and his name had been attached to the Sox home field since 1909 when he built the damn thing. Anyway, I am a bit of a baseball purist and this annoys me to no end. The over-corporatism is a necessary evil, but I can still complain about it. Besides, no matter what they call it, I refuse to call it anything but Wrigley. Just like it’s the Gund not the Q.

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