Who You Got?… Bowls, Week 2

I’m gonna do this the easy way this week and go top down. A few of these aren’t official but may as well be. There really aren’t the shocks that we get around say Tournament Time with selections. Ok, here we go. And to clear some things up, I saw Oregon losing, didn’t see Oklahoma and a functioning retard I may be, but as of last week Kansas didn’t look to me that they’d be a. winning the Big 12 or b. getting an at-large BCS bid with so many other good teams. Some things have changed since last Wednesday, so I’m gonna claim 50-50 clairvoyance.

BCS National Championship Game (BCS #1 vs. BCS #2)
LSU vs. Missouri
– Am I too high on the Tigers? Possibly. But after Chase Daniels and crew plow past Kansas and a reeling Oklahoma, they’ll take over the “coveted” #2 spot.

Orange Bowl (BCS vs. BCS)
Virginia Tech vs. Connecticut
– I love an underdog story and with a victory over WV on Saturday (which I think is possible) UConn takes the Big East automatic bid and becomes part one of this year’s cinderella story. VaTech will walk on either BC of Clemson making this the feel-good game of the season.

Fiesta Bowl (BCS vs. BCS)
Oklahoma vs. Hawaii
– Despite losing the Big 12 Title game, OU should be snapped up as the Fiesta Bowl hook-up. Hawaii finishes the cinderella story by going to a BCS game with an unblemished record. Will the Sooners fall to a WAC team in a BCS game for the 2nd straight year? We shall see.

Rose Bowl (BCS vs. BCS)
Ohio State vs. Arizona State
– ASU takes care of business Thrusday night against the Trojans and earns this spot. Ohio State is all but a lock as the Big Ten Champions. No, they won’t be jumping anyone to get back up to #2. And by the way, this is coming from a Bucks fan but that’s what they get for scheduling Youngstown State and 2 MAC teams. Schmucks.

Sugar Bowl (BCS vs. BCS)
Georgia vs. Oregon
– UGA will get this as the SEC runner-ups, the Ducks get this assuming that they can finish the year by winning out without Dennis Dixon.

Okay, now that I’ve done most of the stuff for which I’ll take flack for, here’s the rest.

GMAC Bowl (C-USA #2 vs. MAC)
Central Florida vs. Miami, OH
– UCF loses the C-USA title game to Houston and promptly gets this bid. Same deal for Miami, who will fall to CMU on Dec. 1 and then pick this up. Quite a turnaround from last year. Shane Montgomery doing a tremendous job taking this team from 1-11 last year to a bowl this year.

International Bowl (Big East vs. MAC)
Rutgers vs. Bowling Green
– My Falcons get back to a bowl after thrashing UT for the Peace Pipe on Friday. Problem is that Ray Rice will probably run all over us in his collegiate finale.

Outback Bowl (Big Ten #3 vs. SEC #3)
Michigan vs. Tennessee
– Lloyd Carr gets one more New Year’s Day game. Will a victory here, or even just getting here, be enough to save Phil Fulmer?

Cotton Bowl (Big 12 #2 vs. SEC #2)
Kansas vs. Auburn
– KU’s cinderella season gets stopped in KC by Missouri, but they’ll play on New Year’s Day. Still not a bad turnaround for a team from the dismal Big 12 North. Auburn will be playing with some fire down the stretch.

Gator (ACC #3 vs. Big East/Big 12/Notre Dame)
Virginia vs. West Virginia
– Some dominos have to fall into place for this but after a WV collapse and upset, they get to the Big East’s #2 bowl.

Capital One Bowl (Big Ten #2 vs. SEC #2)
Illinois vs. Florida
– Ron Zook finally gets to take on his former team. And does this look like a great game in the making, Juice vs. Tebow. Oh yes.

Armed Forces Bowl (Pac-10 #6 vs. MWC)
South Carolina vs. New Mexico
– South Carolina gets here because the Pac-10 won’t have enough bowl eligible teams to fill out their ties. New Mexico has been a solid team that no one outside of the Mountain time zone has seen.

Sun Bowl (Pac-10 #3 vs. Big 12/Big East)
California vs. Louisville
– I get stuck here on this one, Louisville gets to a bowl if they upset Rutgers in 2 weeks. So that half is very iffy.

Humanitarian Bowl (WAC vs. ACC #8)
Boise State vs. Maryland
– Another bowl game on the Smurf Turf for the Broncos. That is what teh school has become known for. I swear I saw a recruiting commercial recently where they made everything blue. It’s become part of the school’s marketing. Helluva thing to be known for, but I’m not here to judge.

Music City Bowl (SEC vs. ACC #5/6/7)
Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech
– I got nothing here, it’s a roulette between FSU, GT, and Wake. Really good to see Sylvester Croom in a bowl game. He’s done an excellent job at turning around this program.

Chick-a-fil Bowl (SEC #5 vs. ACC #2)
Arkansas vs. Clemson
– Another roulette pick for me here in the PEACH Bowl, fuck this over-sponsored crap. More on that to come. The SEC secondary bowls here are all between, the Razorbacks, Alabama, and Kentucky.

Insight Bowl (Big Ten #6 vs. Big 12 #6)
Indiana vs. Nebraska
– Forget about Callahan’s job in this one. This game is for Hep.

Independence Bowl (Big 12 #7 vs. SEC)
Texas A&M; vs. Kentucky
– I got nothing really, I’m down to picking the leftover eligible teams for these games.

Meineke Car Care Bowl (ACC #5/6/7 vs. Big East #3)
Wake Forest vs. Cincinatti
– Cinci moving on up, hopefully to a BCS game in the near future.

Liberty Bowl (C-USA #1 vs. SEC #6)
Houston vs. Alabama
– You pick’em.

Alamo Bowl (Big Ten #4/5 vs. Big 12 #5)
Wisconsin vs. Oklahoma State
– Not where the Badgers hoped to be, but still a bowl and in a down year for the Big 10 this is better than where they were picked to be preseason.

Texas Bowl (Big 12 #8 vs. C-USA #6)
Ball State* vs. Southern Mississippi
– Ball State gets the nod here because the Big 12 won’t have enough elegible teams.

Champs Sports Bowl (ACC #4 vs. Big Ten #4/5)
Boston College vs. Penn State
– How the mighty have fallen.

Emerald Bowl (ACC #5/6/7 vs. Pac-10 #4)
NC State vs. Oregon State.
– Meh.

Holiday Bowl (Big 12 #2 vs. Pac-10 #2)
Texas vs. USC
– A Rose Bowl rematch with far less on the line, USC falls out of a Jan.1 bowl for the first time since 2001.

Motor City Bowl (MAC vs. Big Ten #7)
Central Michigan vs. Michigan State
– Mac Champs come back to Ford Field to play the surpising Spartans under 1st year head coach Mark Dantonio.

Hawaii Bowl (WAC vs. C-USA #5)
Fresno State vs. East Carolina
– For the first time in awhile, Hawaii will not be at home for the holidays…

Papajohns.com Bowl (Big East vs. C-USA #3)
South Florida vs. Tulsa
– Hey, another former #2!

New Mexico Bowl (MWC vs. WAC)
Air Force vs. Nevada
– The Falcons build a very good 9-3 season very quietly…

Las Vegas Bowl (MVC#1 vs. Pac-10 #5)
BYU vs. Purdue*
– Pac-10 won’t qualify enough teams so Purdue slips in the back door and heads to Sin City.

New Orleans Bowl (Sun Belt #1 vs. C-USA #4)
Troy vs. Memphis

Poinsetta Bowl (MWC vs. at-large)
Utah vs. Navy
– Navy is the only lock here, they’ve already accepted the bid to start the bowl season.

December 20 starts the most fun a college football fan could ever have.
Let the arguing begin.
So have a Happy Thanksgiving and kick back and watch the Packers and the Lions tomorrow.

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