Brian Billick, Crybaby

I broke my USB drive so in lieu of getting any real work done today, I post with great furvor. After stopping by ESPN so check the headlines, I saw this: Ravens to express concers over FG call to NFL That’s right, Brian Billick is going to bitch about the right call being made. Phil Dawson’s 52-yd field goal to send the Browns and Ravens to OT on Sunday hit the left goal post then seemingly bounced off the crossbar and out. One official signaled no good and the other rushed over to him to talk. A pow-wow in the end zone followed and, from what the refs are saying, one got on the headset to confim that they could not review the play, which is correct under NFL rules. The video clearly showed the ball hitting the curved support behind the crossbar and bouncing back, which is a good FG. The Browns went on to win 33-30 on the foot of Phil Dawson, who banished the last week’s shame at Pittsburgh where the game-tying FG dropped in front of the crossbar. So now, the Ravens are gonna bitch. And they’re only gonna bitch because they lost. The refs are now in a damned if yo do, damned if you don’t situation. If they blow a call, legitimatly, a coach jumps all over them and they catch hell. Here they are getting it right, and a coach is jumping all over them because the call didn’t go his way. So for unmatched whining in the face of a OT loss that equaled a season sweep by the Cleveland Browns, congrads Brian Billick, you are the proud recipiant of this week’s Shut The Fuck Up Award!

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