Who You Got?… Bowls

I know we’ve got a few more weeks in the season, but it’s never too soon to start looking forward to the best season of the year… bowl season. Now I know I may be the only one who considers those 3 1/2 weeks a holiday and I’m pretty sure that I am the ONLY guy who tapes all 32 games to help him get though the spring and summer without college football. I’m an addict and I know it. So let’s look at the numbers and try to crunch out some projections.

BCS National Championship Game – (BCS #1 vs. BCS #2)
LSU vs. Oklahoma

Sugar – (BCS vs. BCS)
Georgia vs. Hawaii

Orange – (BCS vs. BCS)
Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

Fiesta – (BCS vs. BCS)
Missouri vs. Clemson

Rose – (BCS vs. BCS)
Oregon vs. Ohio State

GMAC – (C-USA #2 vs. MAC)
Central Florida vs. Miami (Ohio)

International (MAC #3 vs. Big East #4)
Bowling Green vs. South Florida

Capital One – (Big 10 #2 vs. SEC #2)
Illinois vs. Florida

Gator – (ACC #3 vs. Big 12 #4/Notre Dame/Big East #2)
Virginia vs. Texas

Outback – (Big 10 #3 vs. SEC #3/4)
Wisconsin vs. Auburn

Cotton – (Big 12 #2 vs. SEC 3/4)
Kansas vs. Tennessee

Humanitarian – (WAC vs. ACC #8)
Boise State vs. North Carolina State

Chick-a-fil – (ACC #2 vs. SEC #5)
Clemson vs. Alabama

Alamo – (Big Ten #4/5 vs. Big 12 #4/5)
Penn State vs. Kansas State

Meineke Car Care – (Big East #3 vs. ACC #5/6/7)
Connecticut vs. Georgia Tech

Champs Sports – (ACC #4 vs. Big 10 #4/5)
Boston College vs. Michigan

Insight – (Big 12 #6 vs. Big 10 #6)
Nebraska vs. Iowa

Liberty – (C-USA #1 vs. SEC #7)
Tulsa vs. Kentucky

Sun – (Pac-10 #3 vs. Big 12/Notre Dame/Big East)
USC vs. Oklahoma State

Music City – (ACC #5/6/7 vs. SEC #6)
Florida State vs. Arkansas

Texas – (Big 12 #8 vs. C-USA)
South Carolina** vs. Southern Mississippi

Holiday – (Pac-10 #2 vs. Big 12 #3)
Arizona St. vs. Texas

Independence – (SEC #8 vs. Big 12 #7)
Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M;

Emerald Bowl – (Pac-10 #4 vs. ACC #5/6/7)
Oregon State vs. Wake Forest

Motor City – (Big Ten #7 vs. MAC #1/2)
Purdue vs. Central Michigan

Hawaii – (WAC vs. C-USA)
Fresno State vs. Houston

Armed Forces – (MWC vs. Pac-10 #6)
Air Force vs. Ball State*

New Mexico – (WAC vs. MWC)
Nevada vs. Utah

PapaJohns.com – (C-USA vs. Big East #5)
East Carolina vs. Rutgers

New Orleans – (Sun Belt #1 vs. C-USA)
Troy vs. Memphis

Las Vegas – (Pac 10 #4/5 vs. MWC #1)
California vs. BYU

Pointsetta – (MWC vs. Navy/at-large)
New Mexico vs. Navy

* Pac-10 not projected to have enough bowl-eligible teams
** Big 12 not projected to have enough bowl-eligible teams

Do I think Kansas can beat Oklahoma? No. And that’s why OU will jump both KU and Oregon to face LSU. Of course the Bayou Bengals could screw everything up and lose in SEC title game or in the next two weeks. We’ll see. Look for an updated projection next Wednesday and a few conferences bids could be all figured out by then…

One thought on “Who You Got?… Bowls

  1. You, sir, are a retard (and barely a functional one at that) if you don't think that the Jayhawks will be in a BCS Bowl.

    They will probably play in the Championship game as the only undefeated team in the country (well, the only one that matters…sorry, Hawaii).

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