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The newest BCS poll has been released and shows a lot of changes at the top. With the 28-21 loss to the Illini, the Buckeyes have dropped to #7. This is justifiable because (and keep in mind that I am an OSU fan whenever they’re not playing Notre Dame) I do not truly feel that they could win a game against anyone in the old or new Top 10 (except for maybe VT who probably couldn’t beat anyone in the Top 15). Anyway, here’s now it looks now:
1) LSU 9-1
2) Oregon 8-1
3) Kansas 10-0
4) Oklahoma 9-1
5) Missouri 9-1
6) West Virginia 8-1
7) Ohio State 10-1
8) Arizona State 9-1
9) Georgia 8-2
10) Virginia Tech 8-2

LSU is a shoe-in if they win out. No one has a better strength of schedule than the Tigers and as long as they are conference champs, they deserve a spot in the championship game. Oregon has only one blemish on their record, a 31-24 loss to then-#2 California. They’ve earned my respect and are probably the best team in the country when all is said and done. However, #3 Kansas would be my pick for #2 if both they and Oregon win out. I could not justify keeping an undefeated team out of the championship when everyone else at the top has at least one loss (sorry Hawaii, this does not apply to teams who play no one but patsies all season). The Jayhawks have had only two games where it looked like they were mortal, and after the crushing victory over Nebraska it is pretty obvious that they are for real.

None of this should take away from the great seasons of the other teams at the top, but lets face it, the probability of two of those top three teams losing another game is not good (although there are several weeks left and the #2 teams have not been lucky this year). Oklahoma may be better than anyone, but too many close games have cost them in both computer points and voters’ polls. Missouri has been spectacular, but unless they can defeat Kansas they won’t even finish in the Top 10 (two losses for anyone with their schedule is one loss too many). They need to win out and have three of the four teams ahead of them lose to get in. Overall, I’d say the BCS has it right this year unless they let an undefeated Jayhawks team remain #3 in the final poll. That being said, there are enough quality teams and enough upsets this season to support any argument for a playoff system.

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