What’s the sports world coming to…

…when Martina Hingis is doing coke?!?

Link from ESPN

I mean really, we have doping scandals and steroid busts, asterisks and Congressional hearings. But tennis? And COKE?!?!? Is nothing sacred anymore? At this point, would hearing about something like Pete Weber running a meth lab or Phil Mickelson having an acid trip and going all apeshit at the 17th hole of Augusta surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t. It’s not just the “big game” athletes anymore, folks. Soon you’ll see Scripps National Spelling Bee contestants’ names on a list in some pharmacy in Florida. Curlers? Try stoners. And Talladega and Daytona won’t be the only tracks that NASCAR’s elite worry about. We are in the Drug Age of sports – integrity is non-existent at this point, so the best thing we can do is strap in, shoot up, and go with the flow. Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah. That’s the stuff.

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