BCS What?

Well, new BCS rankings are out and I’ve gotta say that I’m actually impressed. Arizona State actually gets some respect, coming in at #4 and it’s about time. Sitting at 7-0 they were the quiet undefeated and now they get some props but they are nearly 2 tenths of a point behind LSU. Closing that gap will depend on the next 4 games for the Sun Devils. They’ve got to host Cal this week, go to Oregon next week, UCLA the week after, and finally host USC. I think they match well with Cal and will be able to control Nate Longshore, but the tougher matchup comes up in Eugene next week. UCLA isn’t to be thought of as a gimme game either. The parity in the Pac-10 is really showing and it pisses me off that we can’t get many Pac-10 games. I really want to watch this because truth be told, Big Ten games for the most part have kinda been boring this year… BC is facing their first real game this week at #8 Va. Tech. I’m not completely sold on a system that moves you up to #3 for blowing out my BG Falcons and then up to #2 on an idle week, regardless of upsets. But it’s hard to argue with Matt Ryan’s numbers. Another mystery to me is Kansas up at #9. Yes, they are 7-0 and they’re offensive numbers are damn impressive. But if you’re first 4 opponents win totals combine to equal yours, I’ve gotta question your schedule. Kansas State and Colorado were respectable wins and they miss both Texas and Oklahoma out of the B12 South. This week @ Texas A&M; will be a real test. Nebraska could jump out of nowhere, but if they make it to 11-0, expect them to get a rude awakening when Chase Daniel and Mizzou come to town to close the season. Am I the only one whose not used to seeing a double-digit ranking next to USC? And here’s the dirty little secret that ESPN and the like doesn’t want to acknowledge… USC will lose again this year. The rest of the PAC-10 has finally caught up to the Trojans. USF, who our own Armando couldn’t stop singing the praises of, are still in the hunt for a BCS bowl and I think that even if they can’t pull off the Big East title, they get in on the sympathy at-large bid. Speaking of, does Hawaii’s schedule keep them out of the BCS because they can’t pick up enough computer points to get in the top 12 or do they get a nod for Colt Brennan’s insane passing numbers? More to come later this week and such.

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