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Following That Sports Guy’s posting a couple of days ago, I have to admit that I’m kind of torn about who to root for in the ALCS. If nothing else, the series has produced one hell of a nail-biter, as Boston has battled back from a 3-1 deficit to take the series to the seventh game. At Boston, too. Will the Fenway Fury overcome the faithful of the Tribe Nation? After watching JD Drew do everything but use his bare hands to take the Tribes’ pitchers deep, will Dice-K be able to finish them off when facing Jake Westbrook (remember, in his last two post-season starts, he never even made it through the fifth inning)? Will Stephen King be in attendance instead of writing a book better than Lisey’s Story? Hey–tune in tonight at 8:07 to find out.

And I’m serious about King. I’ve read better Sears catalogs than THAT last book of his.

My loyalties on the teams, however, remain divided. Most of my friends are dedicated Tribe fans, and after 20+ years of watching the Tigers come up short, I can more than relate to the general sports frustration of that town. My only stumbling block? They’re the ones that pretty much held the Tigers down all season.

The BoSox? My dad’s a Tigers fan primarily, but he lived in the Boston area for a while after he emigrated to the US, so he still retains a lingering allegiance to them that he passed on to me, after a fashion. (He also lived in the New York area for a while as well, and claims that he’s ALSO likes the Yankees. I really don’t know that it’s possible to like both teams without some sort of bio-feedback causing catastrophic damage). My stumbling block here? The Sox won it all only a year or two ago.

Once the Tigers were out of it, I have to admit that my remaining objective in baseball–the humiliation and crushing of the Yankees, and watching the Steinbrenners twitch and whine like the little sycophantic money-whores that they are–was delivered to me in grand fashion by the Indians. That, I suppose, means I owe the Tribe my support…I suppose…

In other news, the Yankees offered Joe Torre a one-year salary reduction for him to continue on as manager, which he–wisely–turned down. More details later, perhaps, but I mean, come on, he’s the best manager they’ve had in twenty-odd years, only to be let go because Steinbrenner and Sons forgot to club their domestic servants that day, and instead took out their BS anger on Torre.

Don’t get me wrong–I’ve never been a Yankees fan, and never will be, but I respect Joe Torre the same way I respected Bo Schembechler. They were worthy adversaries, smart team managers, and embodied a sense of professionalism that is, quite frankly, appearing less and less in professional sports today. Torre said that the offer he was given was an insult, and he did absolutely the right thing in walking away with no regrets (he even mentioned, in his press conference, that he’s not going to bother going to this office at Yankee Stadium to clear it out). The offer that the Yanks’ ownership did make (5 million base, 1 million each in incentives if they made the playoffs, ALCS, and World Series–correct me if I’m wrong) allowed them, through the dependable team president/lickspittle/milker of Hank and Hal, Randy Levine, to say that the team made Torre a generous offer that he walked away from. It was a PR ploy and nothing else.

Okay y’all…I’m out for now. Check back later for more random shiznits from your dedicated sports blogging staff here at The Overpass…

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