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First of a few of these to come today…
At the half, 1-6 Iowa State leads #5 Oklahoma 7-0 and if the D hadn’t had stepped up on the Sooner 9 on a 4th and 2 play, it would be a deeper hole. What the hell is going on in Norman? Regardless of how this comes out, why have the Cyclones been able to stick around?

In another upset shocker, Vanderbilt has gone to the half with #6 South Carolina leading 17-6, SC saving some face before the half, scoring another field goal.

#22 Texas trying to stay in teh Big 12 South race, but looking rough at Baylor, leading towards the half 10-7. The parity in the Big 12 is finally panning out but my question is this. Early in the 2nd quarter on a 4th and goal play, Colt McCoy kept it on an option play. Why the hell is a guy whose coming off of a concussion trying to head it in from 2 out? He’s asking for a Trent Green.

Plenty more games to check out later today:
#17 Auburn @ #4 LSU
#15 Florida @ #7 Kentucky
#13 Kansas @ Colorado
#12 California @ UCLA
#24 Texas Tech @ #16 Missouri
#14 USC @ Notre Dame
#25 Michigan @ Illinois
Miami @ Florida State

More to come later, I’ll attempt to add my thoughts during the tailgate party and again of halftime of the Ohio @ Toledo game.

One thought on “::Insert Adjective Here:: Saturday

  1. From where I'm sitting, every team at the top of the BCS standings looked like…well…every one else.

    #1 OSU barely beats the Spartans, #2 USF loses to Rutgers, #4 LSU needed a last second TD to beat Auburn, #5 OU was held to just 17pts in their victory, and #6 Gamecocks were defeated by Vandy.

    Florida, UWV, and USC were the only teams who truly looked like they should be in contention for a National Championship, and with 2 losses already, UF doesn't have a Hail Mary's chance at making it to the title game.

    Usually things don't get this interesting this quickly, but it looks like another great year with a disappointing ending.

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