It’s not easy being Red

Cleveland went up 3-1 in the ALCS last night, shelling Tim Wakefield for a 7-run 5th inning and a final of 7-3. I have been taking shit from all sides, seeing as I’m surrounded by Tribe fans at both jobs. I walked into the office this morning to receive a “”KENNY, KENNY” chant from like 4 people. And I was feeling quite down last night, until I talked to a friend of mine. As a fellow Red Sox fan, she was also disappointed, but she lives outside of Cleveland and put it into perspective for me. It’s about time for Cleveland to win something, anything. They got so close with the Cavs this summer and then had everything dashed in a very crushing fashion. Plus, it has been like 53 years since they won the big one. And we did break our dry spell in dramatic fashion 3 years ago. So with that being said, I will still be disappointed when we lose but I will root for the Tribe in the WS. Also, I still think this one will go 6 games and that Cleveland will win it Saturday night in Fenway. C’est la vie. The CFB roundup, tomorrow.

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