Oh no! Not another one!!!

I know what you’re thinking: another sports blog written by some espn.com wannabe whose too damn fat/lazy to actually play the sports they write about. Well, you’re right….

But the topic of conversation on every college football fan’s mind are the BCS rankings, which should come out tomorrow at 6. There have been so many shakeups at the top of the polls that there is no clear cut number one team this year, unlike years past. At this point last year, we pretty much knew that Ohio State and Florida were going to the BCS title game. The year before that with USC and Texas, the hype started even sooner. Everyone pretty much annoined that matchup from week one. But this year is different. If things continue along this path, and that’s a very big if, we may see a BCS title game pitting Boston College against South Florida. USF? What the fuck? I hear you yell at the screen. But it’s true. It is very possible that the strength of schedule and quality wins would vault USF over OSU or BC and into that title game. Of course if any of these teams lose we get into the realm of having a one-loss team jump into the argument. As far as I’m concerned if there’s and undefeated team and then a one-loss team, there is no argument. So all Sooner fans can cram it. If USF runs the table they deserve the title shot, not you. Just because you’re fucking Oklahoma doesn’t anoint you championship contenders. You have to earn it like everyone else and let’s face it, you lost to a team that compiled two wins last year. But to be fair, as a Buckeye fan, the same can be said of Ohio State, Michigan, Miami, USC, Notre Dame, Florida, and LSU. You gotta earn it, period. 6pm tomorrow. Let the arguing begin.

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