Tapas – Houston Is Going To The BCS Championship Game!!! Edition

Apparently, listening to Radiohead’s epic album OK Computer really makes you think silly things.  Or maybe that’s due to procrastinating on stuff you need to do for your day job.  Regardless, I have mapped out what needs to happen to get feel-good story of the year, the Houston Keenums, to the big dance. (And before you write it off as hogwash, just remember that this shit happened in the same week.)

I’ve ranked these from 1-6, with 6 being a no-brainer and 1 being a snowball’s change.

– #2 Alabama loses the Iron Bowl to #24 Auburn: 2
Now we obviously know that Alabama is a better team than Auburn… hell, Alabama is better than every team that doesn’t spell shit with that annoying “-aux” suffix.  But, as we know from decades of experience, rivalry games are different.  Emotion and adrenaline run at the max, and there’s nothing a rival who is already out of the race would like more than playing spoiler to their foil.

– #3 Arkansas loses the Battle of the Golden Boot to #1 LSU: 6
I guess the closest no-brainer I could think of, but not a cakewalk by any stretch.  Arkansas is still a great team with one of the most potent passing offenses in the country, and LSU has yet to play a team prone to shootouts (with the exception of Oregon).

– #4 Oklahoma State loses the Bedlam Series to #9 Oklahoma: 3
OU’s losses were nothing to cry about: Texas Tech was a true shootout (in which they held their own until the end), and Baylor is a MUCH better team than they get credit for, especially when Robert Griffin III is hot (like he was this past weekend).  Meanwhile, Oklahoma State lost to powerhouse Iowa State, who has had close, quality wins against such studs as UConn, Kansas, and Northern Iowa this year. (That would be much more impressive in basketball, for what it’s worth.) OU has the talent and experience to knock off a reeling OSU squad, but we all know it’s really gonna come down to Landry vs. Weeden.

– #5 Virginia Tech loses ACC Championship Game to #17 Clemson: 4
Clemson’s hit a rough spot as of late but still boast a primo squad.  A win in the Battle for the Palmetto State could give Clemson the momentum boost they need to beat a one-loss VT team. (I bet you’ll never guess who that one loss came against.)

– #6 Stanford loses PAC-12 Championship Game to USC: 5
I could lay out tons of stats, but I just need a few:
– USC barely lost their last meeting with Stanford in a triple-overtime thriller
– Since then, USC has gone 3-0, including an away win against #10 Oregon
– Since then, Stanford has gone 2-1, including a home loss… rather, a home embarrassment… against #10 Oregon
– Stanford has BCS hopes still, whereas USC does not; the PAC-12 title is all that USC has to play for at this point, and they have something to prove
All that being said, USC taking this game is looking more and more likely.

– #7 Boise State loses to Wyoming: 1
This has to be the most unlikely occurence of the bunch, but it’s still possible.  Hell, BSU was the only team that everyone was expecting to win out, after their season-opening win over Georgia. (Hey – remember when Georgia was supposed to be a contender?) Wyoming is a respectable 7-3, and while they don’t have any standout weapons, they have a very balanced team.  Plus, Boise may feel that they can just walk into a BCS bowl after they win out, so this has all the makings of a classic trap game.

This course of action would produce several 2-loss teams, along with undefeated LSU and Houston.  Certainly the BCS wouldn’t give the nod to a 2-loss AQ squad over an undefeated mid-major, right?  Right, guys?  For the sake of all things fair, I will assume not.  Fact is, Houston may have a longshot chance to get there, but ultimately they control their own fate.  If you go by record alone, Tulsa and the Conference USA Championship Game against Southern Miss will represent Houston’s biggest challenges this season.
The stars have to align like crazy, but in a world that can give me magical moments like this, I have to believe that ANYTHING could happen.

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