NFL Week 8 – Preview and Picks

Super late this week, so no time for antics – just the goods. Needs to be short and sweet, so I’m going caveman style.*

Atlanta. Chicago. Green Bay. Oakland. NY Jets. Tampa Bay.

Arizona. Baltimore. 1:00 PM. FOX.
Beanie active; Whisenhunt happy. Ravens pissed, lose game to bad team last week, come out swinging. Flacco be good? We see.

Minnesota. Carolina. 1:00 PM. FOX.
Newton throw and run for many yards. Many TDs too. Vikings bad defense, Newton giggle to bank. Bank is end zone in this case.

Jacksonville. Houston. 1:00 PM. CBS.
Texans no have Johnson, still score lots. Jaguars have MJD and… no one else. How Jaguars win? Jaguars ask too.

Miami. NY Giants. 1:00 PM. CBS.
Dolphins got Tebowed last week. Dolphins get Manninged this week? Or Bradshawed? Or Nicksed or Manninghamed? Likely.

New Orleans. St. Louis. 1:00 PM. FOX.
TV no have score counters high enough.

Indianapolis. Tennessee. 1:00 PM. CBS.
CJ2K need good game or else he be laughing stock. Man named Munchak somehow not laughing stock already for name alone. Painter called laughing stock is understatement. Painter real bad.

Detroit. Denver. 4:05 PM. FOX.
Tebow get college-style offense for game. Fox don’t know this NFL? Fox find out hard way. Or Fox prove all wrong. Healthy Stafford may make point moot.

Washington. Buffalo. 4:05 PM. FOX.
Torain? Helu? Beck? Grossman? No matter, Redskins just bad. Buffalo still one of best in league, only losses by 3. Fitzpatrick signed for deal, make very happy, throw good? Fingers crossed.

Cincinnati. Seattle. 4:15 PM. CBS.
Make good chili in Cincinnati. Make good coffee in Seattle. Oh… we talk football? My bad. Bengals without Benson, but Scott play good. Better then Benson? Perhaps. Seattle good run defense but nothing else. Baldwin player to watch in future.

Cleveland. San Francisco. 4:15 PM. CBS.
Why 49ers? Why not 54ers or 22ers? Digress. Playing great right now, Smith hit on all cylinders. Defense excellent too. Hillis maybe not play much? Time tell. Hardesty hands made of butter, Shurmur mad.

New England. Pittsburgh. 4:15 PM. CBS.
Cold in Pittsburgh. But not too cold. Steelers win last 3. New England win last 3. Should be good game. Evenly matched on both sides of ball. Who win? Flip coin.

Dallas. Philadelphia. 8:20 PM. NBC.
Murray run 0.14375 miles last week. Yes cavemen good at math. No hate. Repeat very possible. Eagles in disarray still. Need Vick hold team together. McCoy do his part. No one else do his part though. Talent waste. Sad.

San Diego. Kansas City. 8:30 PM. ESPN.
Time to write off Chiefs yet? Before last week, yes. Now, no. Look good, blank Raiders. But Chargers not Raiders. Rivers still not hitting stride, injuries plague WRs. RBs too. May be closer than expected.

*We here at Interrobang Sports have no way of knowing exactly what a caveman sounds like. We certainly wouldn’t go back in time and cryogenically freeze one so we could study it in the current and learn its speech patterns. And we certainly wouldn’t watch football with our thawed Cro-Magnon and teach it to be a beer snob. You would never hear “Bud Light bad! Need Sam Adams Octoberfest! It have 5 varieties malted barley!” come out of our living room. Really. Probably.

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