UFC… IN 3-D!!!

Armando alerted me to this earlier today in an e-mail and this is the chain that began between the three of us.


May just be novelty, but I’m willing to try it.  What do you guys think about the theatre dynamic?  Beer would be a no-go in most theatres, as would typical bar food (wings, quesadillas, burgers and the like), but the setting may be pretty sweet, especially with a crowd that’s into it. (Plus you can just wear a heavy jacket and sneak in a few 40s or some 22’s and you’re good)

TJ’s response was short and sweet:
I’m not feelin’ it if it’s not a bar atmosphere. They’ll charge $10 + $3 for 3D Glasses and I won’t even be able to drink. Give me 2D, some friends, and a case of cold ones any day of the week.

I had to expound on my anti-3D feelings. I’m usually only down for this kind of 3-D:

I might be with Armando and do it once, just for the experience. You know what they say, once a philosopher, twice a pervert.
But I wholeheartedly agree with TJ. The bar atmosphere is the best way to experience the fights without being there. The best time I’ve ever had at a fight was UFC 118 Penn v. Edgar 2. There was a good vibe at Downtown. It’s wasn’t really crowded. I sat at the bar, talking to a fellow Marcus Davis fan. We did Irish Car Bombs after Davis got choked out by Nate Diaz. Was piss drunk and ecstatic when Edgar beat Penn again. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that my friends. Plus, those 3D glasses look stupid and I don’t feel like wearing two pairs of glasses at once…

And Armando finishes us off by explaining his recent bar experience:
I think if I had the kind of experience that Casey had, it would be better for me.  But just to give y’all an example of my usual experience as of late:

When I saw Edgar/Maynard XIV (might as well be XIV y’know?), I watched it from the Tilted Kilt. (This place).  Had a very nice server (I think she was from Australia or something, could only understand about 80% of what she said, and her name was Stevie?!)… but I digress.

I would estimate that there were 40 TVs in the joint, and here’s the approximate breakdown of what was showing on each one:

ALDS Game 1: 1 TV
Preds Game: 1 TV
UFC 136: 3 TVs
Bama/Vandy: 17 TVs
UT/UGA: 17 TVs

Once the games ended, the fights were gradually put on more TVs, and the sound feed was switched over… but most of the people there could give a shit about the fights.  Or they were there for the game(s) and just happened to glanced up and see Frankie’s KO or Chael’s arm triangle and had no idea what happened.  But they were drunk so they cheered anyway.

Whereas if you’re in a theatre with a bunch of other dudes (and like 1-2 chicks maybe), then you know that you’re all fight fans to some extent, with folks who, like in Casey’s story, have heard of Marcus Davis and know enough about his nationality to use it as a (very legit) excuse to imbibe.

Overall if given the choice, I would probably still choose a bar setting if I had someone else going with me that was a fight fan… but if I was flying solo I would definitely give the theatre a long, hard, throbbing look.  Plus just think about how real shit would look if you snuck booze in and got toasted while wearing the 3-D specs…

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