New Main Event Next Saturday

If you haven’t heard, Georges St. Pierre is OUT of next Saturday’s welterweight title defense against Carlos Condit due to injury. The report is a sprained MCL and Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting is reporting GSP’s head trainer Firas Zahabi says the champ will not be able to train for a month. That makes us hopeful that this is not a serious injury and that we may see this fight by the end of the year. As a result, the BJ Penn-Nick Diaz scrap will now be your main event, so fate is slightly ironic. After Nick screwes up his huge UFC debut and title shot, he still ends up in the main event. If there’s a silver lining here, it is that this injury seems minor. Carlos Condit has been pulled from the card and will still recieve his title shot, so it’s pretty clear that everyone is thinking that this is just a small setback for GSP and not a major injury.

Something else being raised in this one is the length of the main event. Dana White said during his announcement that the Penn/Diaz fight would remain a three-round affair because that’s what the two have been training for. Nick Diaz’s trainer Caesar Gracie has already called out Penn over keeping the fight 3 rounds. “If they can’t fight five rounds against each other, how are they going to fight five rounds against GSP?,” told MMA Fighting. “Don’t be scared, homie. Let’s make it five rounds.”
He claimed Dana was ok with it and they’ve agreed to it, even though Dana made it clear in his announcement it would be three rounds. I don’t know if anything will come of this challenge. Diaz’s camp has to know that Penn hasn’t had the greatest success in fights that go into the championship rounds. He’s 2-1-3 when fights go past the third. But seriously, Caesar. Let it go. This whole situation is kinda fuckerd as is right now, no need to make it even worse by trying to get yourself over. Not your fighter, but yourself. If Nick was out there saying it, it would be a different story. This kind of stuff works best for Chael and never, ever when a manager starts talking. You just sound like Ed Soares or…or like Bobby the Brain Heenan. And I don’t say that to insult the Brain. He was the greatest pro wrestling manager of all time. But Gracie sounds just like him, running his mouth big time behind the guy that will have to actually do the fighting. Next time, just let Nick do the talking. Assuming he isn’t going to run away from the sight of a microphone.
Ok, enough with the trainer bashing. This is still an intreaging card though, with the return of Cro Cop, the debut of Hatsu Hioki and Tyson Griffin vs. Bart Palaszewski an early FOTN candidate. We, of course, will have a full preview next week right here on the Bang and on the BangCast.

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