NFL Week 3 Recap

I’m refusing to post our picks results from this week because it would be mildly embarrassing to admit that I only picked six of them correctly. To be fair though, this was one of the strangest weeks in football when it came to the point spread.
I’ll start with this: The BUFFALO BILLS beat the New England Patriots! No, this isn’t a headline circa 1992, it’s 2011. And the Bills are for real. Tom Brady tied his 2010 season total for picks with 4 INTs this week, and the Bills overcame a big deficit to win this one.
There were a lot of people who correctly assumed that Buffalo (+8.5) would cover, but anyone who really thought they would win can raise their hands now…I’m waiting…still waiting…that’s what I thought.

The Pittsburgh Steelers allowed 20pts to the Colts, who had previously been so inept on offense that ESPN called them one of the three worst teams in the NFL. The Steelers continue to turn the ball over at an alarming rate, and the injuries that plagued the O-line last year have returned once again. Again, the -10.5 spread had some people leaning toward Indy, but at -3.5 there wouldn’t have been a single person picking against Pittsburgh.
The Minnesota Vikings decided to re-enact scenes from Dawn of the Dead and came to life briefly with a 20-0 start against Detroit; only to be laid to rest by the suddenly impressive Lions who rattled off 23 straight to get the W. The thing is, I couldn’t name you a single person who thought this one was even going to be close. I would have bought the Lions as double-digit favorites without thinking twice.
Speaking of rising from the dead, the Kansas City Chiefs (+14.5) – they who had been outscored 89-10 in two games – only lost 20-17 against San Diego. Again, the spread was ridiculous, but warranted. Only those who truly truly despise Norv Turner could possibly imagine that he would barely pull off the win.
Arizona, Washington, Cleveland, Atlanta, Tennessee and Philadelphia all failed to cover the spread as well. Philly’s defense looked so bad it made me think that Eli Manning is half-decent QB, Michael Vick made me remember why we still doubt athletic QBs like Cam Newton, and Michael Turner and Chris Johnson made me question why we still feel like RBs are the smart picks in the first round of fantasy drafts. 
The Cowboys needed 6 FGs to win 18-16 in a game that illustrated why no one ever has faith in the Redskins OR Cowboys these days.
Did I miss anything important? Oh yeah, Cam Newton got his first win in a game where he was almost outplayed by Blaine “Yo Gabba” Gabbert. He finally looked mortal…and now he wins.
Everything else went completely as expected. Just another great week in the NFL.

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